Bright love x

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26 December 2019


Bright love
Bright love


“His love shines bright and true, this baby king born for you. “

These are the words I wrote in my kitchen, scribbling them down on a piece of paper as quick as I could before I forgot. God gave me a download & I didn’t want to miss it. 

Christmas has just happened! The most wonderful time of the year - sorry! But it is. Every year I have tried to grasp the true meaning of Christmas & I believe I finally have this time. Unfortunately for the last few years - even being a Christian - I have tried to understand what it means. I have been swept up for countless years of the merry go round of the worlds view of “Christmas” only to be left feeling cold and empty as soon as the days over. And a curious anti climax that happens on Boxing Day. “Like is this it?” It’s all over in a matter of hours of what has been weeks or months in the preparation. Is it worth it? The worlds view of Christmas? a simple no. It’s not worth your money or time unless you actually know what you are celebrating. 

God looked down on earth and sent his only son to be a baby, cared for by humans knowing full well what they’d do to him. But he loves mankind so much he did it. He looked down the corridors of time and knew some of us would love him and some not, but still He did it. He sent Jesus who would feel every human limitation, he would learn how to walk & talk, feel tired & feel every human emotion going. 

Jesus gave up his glory to join us, to become one of us. This tiny baby brought into the world in a very lowly place, delivered of a teenager would change the world. 

I finally had a glimpse of how much God loves us. Of what baby Jesus being born actually means. What it means for humanity and what it means for me. So as we celebrate I suggest we remember the simple beauty & wonder of this newborn baby. But what this baby would become too. Because this baby King was born for you. 

Faith & Dot blog x 

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