Chapter one:2020

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13 January 2020


Believe in his goodness
Chapter one : 2020


Oh my goodness! It’s January! Isn’t it nice to look at the new year ahead with such excitement. It’s like taking a big breath at the top of a hill. Sure there are challenges ahead, tears that will be shed but so many smiles, opportunities to enjoy. One of my favourite things in this world to savour are the changing seasons. To watch for that first daffodil and know that spring is on its way, or the smell of the first grass being cut...

I find there is such an anticipation this time of year for better things to come. I don’t do new year resolutions to be honest. I write down a list of things I want to achieve, from the big to small. Let me share a few of these:

•Read books 

•Read through the gospels 

•Grow in God, intentionally setting time aside

•Enjoy the days - they are so precious - which is obvious but one I’m learning to do since getting older 

•Laugh more - I once read the effects of laughter in Kris Vallotons book “spirit wars” and the benefits are wonderful. 

•Sleep more - 2 children and a snoring husband have hindered the benefits of sleep 🙄

Celebrate the life I have, because God actually wants me to enjoy it 🤩

God has got good plans for me and you, and to relax and enjoy it is a beautiful place to be. The peace of God they talk about is a real thing. I hope you tap into God and experience it. He is just so wonderful and nurturing a close relationship is so important.

When all the decorations are tidied up, the tinsel and baubles tucked away for another year it’s easy to feel dare I say it empty, cold, the house looks bare. But God is calling us to the next chapter in our lives - the new 2020 - let’s jump right in there with him! It’s going to be so much fun! 

Bible verse  Proverbs 17:22 “a joyful heart is good medicine” 

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