Happy birthday!

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23 October 2019


Birthday time!
Birthday time!



My last blog was based upon being grateful. And I have to share that things have really shifted in this area. God has been ever so good and has given me a complete new pair of glasses. It’s like I can feel gratitude growing in me, it’s coming out in praise and Jesus said what’s in the heart comes out the mouth. Well he said it better than that but you can see where Im going. It’s extraordinary how he works on our hearts and minds and gently leads us in the right way.

On Monday it was mine and my twin sisters 30th birthday. I was thinking how has that happened? Sometimes I still feel 13 and my mums going to call me down for my tea! Lol 😂 now I’m the grown up and have to make it for my children. How does time move so quietly and quickly? I was fine about entering the 30’s club and then I realised I will never have the energy of a twenty something and my body feels dreadful in the morning after a 10pm bedtime. So i guess its hot water bottles and hibernation till the Lord takes me home! 😂  my sister complains of her knee joint hurting and yes - we have had the same symptoms in life and all that weird twin stuff is true - so im hoping me running after a toddler will stave off that future calamity! I once read a really funny meme -  I would like the body of a 21 year old, the energy of a 3 year old and the wisdom of a 90 year old! 😆 😆 

I have been very reflective though of this milestone. It’s a big one, I mean I wouldn’t go back to being 21 again for anything but i look at how much has happened in this decade and it just makes me excited for the next one. I have got married, had two children, bought a house but the best bit is getting saved at 27 on the 13th November 2016. Hearing the gospel and receiving it in my heart was a life changer. Then giving my life to Jesus on the 24th September 2017 - 6 months pregnant! God is just amazing and the outpouring of blessings have just blown me away. 

He is so faithful, so generous, so kind. His love is like the warm sun on a summers day just soaking into your soul. I look forward to doing the rest of my life with God and cannot wait to see what happens. So, farewell my twenties it has been the most beautiful coming of age decades but heres to the thirties club and all its wonder and wisdom .🍾 

“For as he thinks in his heart, so is he” Proverbs 23:7

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