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Hello! My names Clare and I first had the idea for Praise and Bloom back in November 2018. In the Christian world there is a huge thing called purpose and finding out what that purpose is. I remember feeling for a long time, even before I became a Christian, what is my purpose? What am I meant to be doing in life? Is having a career the only thing that sums your life up and the only thing that fulfils you? 🤔 

As someone who never went to university, travelled or even went any higher than minimum wage these questions just became louder. I worked in a shop for 4 years, and held down 3 jobs at one stage. Those years though set me up (even though I didn’t know it)  to grow in stamina, diligence, work ethics, and how to function in the world. Fast forward to being made redundant in the recession and I was forced to look at what kind of career to do. I got the chance to do an apprenticeship on £2.20 per hour  in a local primary school for 1 year & topped up the wage with a cleaning job. That first week of cleaning was a clear reminder of how long I’d done a p.e lesson! Lol 😂  

With that childcare qualification I then went to work in 2 nursery’s. And even though I didn’t know God very well at this time, he used my personality and nature to care and love these little babies and show me a side I didn’t know was there. All along it was God, nudging me, loving me, showing me I had something to give. 

Everyone has something to give because God has given everyone something. I think I’ve made my own quote there!  I finally left nursery work to look after my two young children, but i will fill you in on more of how praise and bloom came about in the next blog. first blog done and mom blogs to be continued...... 

Clare x 

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