Let us adore Him indeed

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5 December 2019




The season has finally arrived! It now feels totally acceptable to enjoy mince pies, Christmas carols & drink the mulled wine. I walked into a shop in the first week of September to find baubles, wreaths, & heaps of decorations! I mean it was summer the week before. There seems to be such consumerism everywhere and that insatiable need to go from Christmas, - valentines - Easter - Halloween - Christmas again. How fast can we jump from one season to the next and fill our lives with junk & empty our souls & bank accounts? If we just stopped in the autumn to enjoy what that season brings and slow down, you would see such depth of colour, the way the leaves fall. And enjoy the moment. What would happen if we slowed down & not rushed our lives away?  We would be ready for the next season that’s what. 

The season of advent is a wonderful way to take each day at a time. We have a advent candle and it’s just a beautiful way to remember what God has done. A time to watch the candle burn & reflect on the day. Every year I try & understand more of what Christmas is. It still blows my mind to think God came to this world as a baby, a helpless infant relying on a young woman & stepfather. Mary was young so the bible says, what faith & courage she showed.  We could encourage ourselves with this when our own lives become too much. I mean she didn’t give birth in a hospital but on a stable floor - with Joseph as the midwife! 😬 And from once Jesus was born they’re we’re people trying to hurt him, so that must have been a tad stressful for these young parents. Not to mention the usual things that come as a new mum, sleep deprivation & how much milk baby has had. But throughout it is showing us how faithful God is, & how much he cares for mankind. That he would come to us as a baby, and feel all the emotions & struggles of the human race. The creator of the universe would become creation itself. It blows my mind. So advent is a time to enjoy, a time to be hopeful & just be in awe of what God has done. 

I will leave you with the words from the very famous carol 

“Oh come let us adore him Christ the Lord”  let us adore him indeed. 

Faith & Dot x

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