Let your light shine

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30 October 2019



Our church sang King of Kings on Sunday by Hillsong, and I’ve never heard it before and the words just blew me away. I’ve had it on repeat since and thankfully my children have not complained yet... I have to say half term has been lovely, I adore my babies and they’re so cute together. It is intense and it reminds me of how introverted I naturally am 😬 I try and get a ‘moment’ on my own to collect myself but neither do I live in a mansion to provide this 😆 

Our church is holding its annual light party tomorrow and we will be in full swing of Disney princess costumes and clip clop shoes in the morning. I was asked what I wanted to contribute to this event, and while everyone nobly stepped forward with a craft, my anxiety got the better of me and I volunteered to do the food! I don’t do crafty things very well, but neither is food my thing either, me and the oven are very well acquainted with the colour beige unfortunately. 

Its a wonderful alternative to Halloween, and really gives children the chance to grow into their church family even more. We must be the light in our communities, work place, family life etc. Some people might never see Jesus if it wasn’t for you, we must live a life of faith that shows who exactly is living in us. Is it the world? Is it yourself? It should be the one who has transformed you from the inside and we get to live it out. 

I sometimes look back at the old Clare and cringe, but I also look at how much progress has been made and it is possible. I mean my mother would agree at the change 🙉 and it now means that seed that God planted in me in 2013 is starting to be seen. 

So tomorrow start to let your light shine, a tiny flicker will soon become a torch which will soon become a floodlight. Wow! 💡

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