No limitations

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1 January 2020


Happy New Year
No limitations


Happy new year! 

We sing and cheer!

The future is imminently near

The strike of midnight for all to hear 

The new year is a blank sheet 

Where optimism & hope meet

Did you know one of the exciting things about God is to trust him with your life? 

Your plans, hearts desires and all of your strife 

Because did you know he’s got it all sorted out? 

Your held in his hand & heart without a doubt 

His plans are so wonderful and exceed expectations 

He is not bound by our limitations 

So start this new year off right dear friend

He sees everything from beginning till end 

So give him everything from the first till year end

His love will warm you all your days through 

His plans will excite and ignite a new you 

He is gentle, gracious, kind and true

And he’s waiting to do your life with you x 

written by Clare

praise and Poetry

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