Obstacles are opportunities

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September is here, and a huge sigh of relief has come with the routine of school runs. Praise the Lord! But over these last few months there has seemed so many obstacles to overcome.  Everyone has faced obstacles at some point in their life. Sometimes it’s just one of those days where nothing goes right. Sometimes it’s an area in your life that looks like it’s not moving or it is littered with obstacles and the odd mountain to overcome. Being a Christian was never going to be the ticket to an easy life but my goodness it’s harder when you don’t know God. I have lived without God and lived with Him and I know the difference. Obstacles can be a nuisance, and an inconvenience to our plans. They can be of our own making sometimes, or from the enemy,  but God can turn anything around and use what was meant for harm for good.

So what if we were to look at our obstacles in life differently? What if we were to see them with a different perspective? An obstacle can be turned into an opportunity. An opportunity for growth, to show Gods love, to show the fruits of the Spirit, to build that muscle of faith even. Instead of throwing yourself into solving problems with panic & anxiety, I suggest stepping back - with coffee in hand - and looking at it with a  strategy and praying.

For example, when a child is testing a nerve you didn’t know existed, instead of blowing up, look at this obstacle as an opportunity. Show grace and patience in that moment and you won’t feel guilt and condemnation later. Take yourself out of that moment and gather yourself before responding.

Obstacles come in all shapes and sizes but they require us to lean on God and wait on Him. He’ll show us how to handle and respond to situations. And before you know it you’ll be climbing that mountain with God and be looking down from the top - with a whole new perspective.

And if it all goes to pot, just dust yourself off and start again with Him.


Romans 8:28 God works all things together for the good of those who love Him

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