Rest or step out?

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The days of full lockdown seem far away

The kids have been home for a very long play

Tears, tantrums, laughs and potty training

Makeshift dens and games while it was raining

Picnics, toys, stories and the odd film night

Home haircuts and trying to avoid everyone in sight

Walks, bike rides, and CBeebies overload

Board games and a million washing baskets to load

The days have seemed to roll into one

Springs gone and summers nearly almost done

Sipping cups of tea upon the loo

A secret five minutes to hide from the crew

Mums have been stretched to the max

Homeschooling, entertaining, now its time to relax

The summer holidays are here - sort of

This time has been a labour of love

So September’s a matter of weeks away

Well done! We’ve made it -nearly- hooray!

But by the grace of God He has carried me and you

And soon there’ll be no need to hide in the loo!


Hello! It’s really been a unique season. A year ago it would have been deemed as crazy as to what we are all going through now. However I believe a new way has been forged and new way to live is happening. It is simpler. It’s certainly simpler over in our household and with a slowing down of life it has opened the door for appreciation and gratitude. Full lockdown may not happen again -hopefully- but when it started I knew I didn’t want to waste this season. Life went practically medieval and at times just weird but I still didn’t want to let it pass unproductively.

One thing I have learnt is to worship in my home every day, with and without the kids around. But when one child is pulling on you while your in full flow worship it is a shade distracting 😂 But God knows your heart so there we go. We must praise him in every situation and lockdown has made me lean more on God, listen to God, and just enjoy sitting at his feet.I have found more ways to talk about God to my children and have had some really encouraging conversations.

I have found that even though time has stood still sometimes, God hasn’t. Never before has the lyric from Waymaker made more sense, “Even when I don’t see it your working”. But God has been working and there have been incredible stories of kindness, sharing, love and friendships during this time.

Then there was us mums who are at home with the children, all together since March. There have been times when I have felt like a lemon juice being squeezed and have rang my mother close to tears. There has been intense times and such beautiful ones too. But there also has been such a grace to do what we’ve been doing at home. There has been a stretching and an uncomfortable growth spurt at times. God as been using this time to reshape us mums, mould us and helping us to look beyond our circumstances.

Things are looking different as of September when they’ll be going back to school. How are you going to intentionally pursue your relationship with Jesus?

How are you going to keep the flame burning?

What have you learnt from this very unusual time?

This is a new chapter to start soon and one to rest and recover from, or one to step into what God has been whispering in your heart over this time.


Isaiah 40:31

“But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint”


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