Spiritual reorganisation

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29 January 2020


Spiritual growth
Spiritual growth


Wow what a month! January is a very sobering time is it not? Routine is the theme of the day with school and play groups. My days have been about early spring cleaning and getting rid of all the junk. It always seems the most apt time to change things does January. I have started to clean my diet out and have cut back on the bread - bar the weekend - doorstopper toast is always going to win on Saturday morning. 😋 I sometimes think a spiritual reorganisation is good too. Things that need to go that hinder growth and things we need to add. Here are some of my own personal ones that I do that has greatly grown my spiritual life.

❤️  Spending time with God first thing in the morning and last thing at night. I know i know instagram, social media, a quick Pinterest binge are all tempting, but instead of shining the blue light in your eyes, put on some soaking worship music on YouTube and chat to God. Because he wants to hear about your day,  your hopes, dreams and anxieties. What a beautiful exchange and what a way to start or finish your day.

❤️ Listen to God. That small voice inside. There are so many ways that he speaks to us. Havilah Cunnington did an a  amazing course called Prophetic Personalities. Check it out. 

❤️ Be diligent in reading the word. We read it for our own spiritual nourishment - soul food. It’s not a checklist. Whether its a chapter or page the point is to experience God in our reading. When i first started to know God I pulled out my children’s bible. I remember being nine months pregnant reading through all the stories, its a great way to understand what’s going on. 

❤️ Try adding worship music in your car instead of the radio. Praise God instead of investing in road rage - guilty sometimes 😳  You’ll be a lot more calmer at the end of your journey.

❤️ Make prayer a continual flow through the day. I’d like to sit and concentrate some days in a quiet room  but with two young children I have to be creative. So what I do I’ll be chatting to God, doing some house hold chore and pray for someone. Or sometimes my church messenger goes off and I can pray for someone while changing nappies or rocking my son off for his nap. I do prefer to sit and have quiet time with God, however some days its noisy busy days with God. And he loves it when we talk to him. 

These are some of my steps I take to produce a fruitful, spiritual life. Gods growing all of us. I was watching Bing this morning on CBeebies with my son, and Flop said “you grow up, you don’t grow down” And that is what God is doing with all of us, growing us up in faith. And he can speak to you even through CBeebies! 🙂

“And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ” Philippians 1:6 

Focus on God

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