The creator became creation poem

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14 December 2019


Holding the King
Holding the King


Love came down in the form of a baby

From heavens glory he came for you and me 

Birthed from a young woman, who would be remembered forever in history

To do the impossible and bear the saviour, for the world to see 

He was her little boy born that night 

Wrapped up warm, gazing at his mothers face in delight 

Just the three of them bonding in the moonlight

The star of Bethlehem shining bright 

Young Mary would give this child her all

Her love, time, motherhoods beautiful call 

Holding her precious baby close that night

Heaven’s beauty came down, right in sight

Kissing his face, fingers and toes, 

Not knowing what the future was to hold. 

Gods great plan wrapped in a manger

Held in the arms of a teenager

Heaven’s angels sing Gods glory! 

For this baby King is the beginning of the story...


christmas poem written by Clare 

Praise and Poetry

Faith and dot blog x 

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