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28 November 2019




Oh my goodness! Today is thanksgiving in America. One us British don’t do. I think it’s a really good holiday. Abraham Lincoln said "Thanksgiving and Praise to our beneficent Father who dwelleth in the Heavens," 

Isn’t this just fantastic! I know it’s good to have a thankful heart and be overflowing with gratitude, but a day dedicated to think, ponder & reflect over our blessings from God is just wonderful. Especially celebrated with family and friends. Now like I said us British don’t acknowledge thanksgiving - it’s one day I could adopt in my calendar - and I’ll be honest I only heard about this day from Friends, the episode with Brad Pitt in. I know 🙄 but thanksgiving is not mentioned of over here much. 

 I have talked about gratitude before and I do believe it can comes as a natural response in life. A little practice does go along way. 

I did see a wonderful quote this morning on Instagram, “happy people are not grateful, grateful people are happy” 

So today I am grateful for the year God has given me, launching my first business honouring Him, raising my children whom He gave me and much much more.

So I hope all you Americans have a wonderful day and I’ll be giving thanks to our wonderful God. 


Faith & dot blog x 

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